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Bhakti Chuganee

A fantasy fare

Mumbai based debut author, Farah Oomerbhoy, launched her book; The Last of the Firedrakes – The Avalonia Chronicles in India four months after the book’s US launch by Minnesota-based Wise Ink Creative Publishing. The book has done well since then. The Last of the Firedrakes has been honoured as a […]

Mumbai gets a new museum

Recently, Mumbai got a new museum – the Piramal Museum of Art. Situated in the ground floor of the Peninsula Corporate Park, the Ajay Piramal group’s corporate headquarters, the 7,000 sq ft museum will showcase works of art from renowned modern and contemporary Indian artists from the family’s collection. It […]

Telecoms do their bit for Chennai

The unprecedented rains and floods in Chennai disrupted normal life and restricted people’s movement from homes. The flooding caused severe damage to the telecom operators’ equipment and sites. The power outage, water logging and lack of diesel are a serious challenge on the path to recovery. Finding people completely cut […]