Reinterpreting tradition

Bulgari, the Italian jewellery brand known for its Serpenti designs, has launched it’s first-ever India inspired and exclusive to India jewelry statement piece, the Bulgari Bulgari Mangalsutra. Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Mauro Di Roberto, MD – jewelry business unit at Bulgari, said, “Since we re-entered into India in 2014, we have been even more intrigued by the cultural traditions of India and inherent role of jewelry. It took us several years to design our interpretation of the Mangalsutra for the modern Indian woman, for whom this piece is often one of the most important pieces of jewelry she wears,” he says.

Priced at Rs3.49 lakh, the India exclusive Mangal Sutra is available at Bulgari’s New Delhi (India) boutique, and on its website.

Set in 18ct yellow gold adorned with round black onyx inserts and pave diamonds, the Bulgari Bulgari Mangalsutra interprets a traditional and sacred ornament, to a contemporary and stylish jewel, deep rooted in culture while representing the cosmopolitan aspirations of a modern bride. Usually when foreign brands launch in India, they try to encapsulate some Indian designs to their offerings in the Indian market. No one has really tried to reinterpret a classic ornament such as the mangalsutra. According to Mauro Di Roberto, the inspiration comes from the ancient roman coins. Together with that are the black beads which connect Bulgari with the Indian tradition and Indian culture,” he adds.

What does this mangal sutra mean for the Indian woman? “We as modern women today are a contradiction of how we are raised, and how we want to be,” says Bulgari’s global brand ambassador, Priyanka Chopra Jonas. “I would rather, in my fight as a feminist and in my fight to be the best version of myself, be an amalgamation of the traditions I have been raised with. Instead of saying smashing patriarchy requires me to get rid of everything I have been raised with, and I feel like someone who is a contradiction and an amalgamation of modernity tradition, I would feel like it’s my choice and I will buy my beautiful mangal sutra with the money I make. And that for me is smashing the patriarchy,” says Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

While working hard to maintain its traditional appeal, Bulgari has worked closely with its Indian team and global brand ambassador, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, to ensure that it resonates with the lifestyles of the modern bride; “that she can wear from it from morning to night, every day and everywhere, pairing it with ease with Indian as well as western wear,” says Roberto.

Priced at Rs3.49 lakh, the India exclusive Mangal Sutra is available at Bulgari’s New Delhi (India) boutique and on its website.

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